Saturday, October 13, 2012

Classical Homeschool: Mesopotamia Night

Classical education is one of the best things to happen to our family.
We have discovered that homeschooling isn't about the parents sitting at the kitchen table imparting their knowledge onto their children.  Over the past few months our home has become a learning community.  Much of what our children are learning either we never learned to begin with or have long forgotten so we are discovering (& rediscovering) right along with our children.  Learning has become a family affair.
Even though my dear, wonderful husband does the bulk of the nitty-gritty homeschool work with our children (I'm mostly just the language-arts, domestic arts, and fill-in gal), I hate to be left out of the fun.  In my spare time, I find myself trying to keep up with what my family is learning while I'm at work. 
Modern classical education traditionally runs in one-year cycles which repeat every 3 years.  In cycle 1 ancient history is studied, cycle 2  is medieval history, and cycle 3 is modern history.  Every 3 years and children age, the same material is covered but the challenge and complexity is increased.  We were fortunate enough to come into our Classical Conversations group during a cycle 1 year, which means we are currently studying ancient cultures.  There is a lot to cover, but we do try to do a larger project centered around one ancient culture from time to time.
Recently we had "Mesopotamia Night", which included food, clothing, writing, and games from ancient Mesopotamia (with a few modern dishes from that part of the world as well).  The picture above features lemon & egg soup (oh my, we'll never make that again!), roast chicken (cooked on an outdoor rotisserie), goat cheese, grapes, cucumbers, yogurt, unleavened bread, and peppers.  We weren't sure about the peppers, but had some from our produce box that needed to be used. 
In this post, I detailed our curriculum and resources for this year.  For the most part, my research paid off and we are happy with everything we are using.  It has all definitely set our course for an adventure in family learning. 

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