Friday, May 4, 2012


I came home from a long, exhausting day at the homeschool convention to discover that the mulberries are ripe. One thing I am slowly learning is that the housework will always be there tomorrow, but the harvest may not. My mother was an immaculate housekeeper so I have high expectations concerning the level of cleanliness I should be able to maintain. Of course, my mother had no use for gardens, pets, art projects, or meals from scratch. I have to make a conscious decision to put housework in the proper place on my list if priorities. So that means when the mulberries are falling from the trees, the dishes must wait.

What is the most effective way to harvest mulberries? Put a sheet on the ground, get a long pole and a ladder, and beat them out!

As my dear son said while lying in the sheet as berries rained upon him, "I can make berry-juice angels!"

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