Monday, January 23, 2012

Farm Happenings

It has been so busy, busy, busy around here, I haven't hardly had time to post.  I have been building a very rough website for our farm to promote what we sell on a very small scale.  I don't want to sell through the larger coops, etc.  because I want to run the farm rather than have it run us!  I'm hoping that selling person to person will at least help the farm to break even and supply us and our neighbors with fresh, wholesome food.


Our girls are set to deliver any day now and are sharing quarters with the chickens for the time being.  The "goat yurt" has instead become the "pony yurt".  They are creating all kinds of havoc for the hens, but at least they are close by and safe from our buck, who has no respect for a lady who is with child.  He doesn't hesitate to butt them to steal their feed whenever the opportunity arises.  Despite his disrespect, he can't live without his girls and escapes daily to hover near their pen and bleat at them.  He's hardly ate or drank in days, poor baby!

M., my daughter, has started raising Jersey Woolies as a 4-H project.  They are primarily a fiber rabbit, but are much less expensive than angoras.  This is Moonshadow.

And this is Wildflower--she's a beauty!

My Zelda continues to grow and continues to be a well-mannered girl despite being mostly pit bull.  As long as she minds her manners, she can stay here at Dome Farm.  Our other 2 dogs are working/herding breed mixes and having a pit is something I never thought I'd do.  Maybe she has just enough of other breeds to even out her temper, because so far she's just a sweet and gentle soul! 

All of our hogs except this gal went to the butcher and I've sold a few pounds of pork to friends.  I'm hoping I can sell a few more!  This lil' 300 lb. lady hasn't gone yet, because she managed to escape the trailering process by knocking my dear hubbie flat on his back (don't tell him I told anyone)!  We created a chute to the trailer (thus, the old door) and have been feeding her in it to get her comfortable with it.  Last night while she was eating, I snuck up and closed the door on her.  She started pitching such a fit, I was afraid she'd tear my horse trailer apart and I'd have no way to take the ponies to riding lessons.  As I was debating whether I should leave her in, I'll be damned if she didn't jump over the door and out of the opening in the top.  Of course, I didn't see her do this, but my 15 year old son swears that she launched herself up, "swam" her front hooves in mid air, then landed unceremoniously on her face outside the trailer. 
At first, I thought he surely accidentally let her out and didn't want to admit it.  I told him I was going to look and see if she really had dirt on her face.  He gave me that blank look that only teenagers are capable of perfecting and said, "Mom, she's a pig.  Of course she has dirt on her face."  Good point!  I have concluded that T., who feeds the hogs every day, knows enough about them to have the good sense to not open the door once we had her in. The only reasonable explanation is that this girl is a superhero.  I have officially dubbed her "Spiderpig."

My dear hubbie had a day off work to spend at the farm and built this shelter for our does and their babies to live in when they have officially recovered from birth and their new pen is built.  We had very nice shingles left over from a remodel job.  Unfortunately, the very wealthy homeowner stiffed us for a considerable sum of money.  Why it's never the people who have to scrimp and save to have their homes remodeled and always those who can easily afford it I will never understand.  A least our goats have the nicest roof of any goathouse in town! 

Only the best will do for our girls!  Hopefully my next post will be of our new kids.  Until then, I have some great ideas for some new posts on real food, shopping, budgets, and livestock.  Now to find the time . . .


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