Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wood Stove Is Here--and HOT!

Finally, our brand new wood stove is here! Following the recommendations of both the stove installers and the man from OG&E who came for a home energy audit a month or so ago, we are leaving the fan in our central unit on to circulate the heat throughout the house. It has worked like a charm and we are staying toasty warm. There is just something so cozy about sitting in our warm cave basking in the glow of the fire while the outside temps plummet.

I have had lots of "bask time" this week as I have some sort of bug, possibly the flu. On Monday, the warmth of the house was a bit unpleasant while I was busy throwing up, but now it's just the thing for a restful recovery.

I'm taking a day for continued rest to make sure this bug is out of my system, then it's back to being a librarian tomorrow. Hopefully, this afternoon the thrift store gods will smile upon me and I will find a large basket or box to put firewood in--the mess on the floor is driving me crazy!

And just in case anyone is interested in exactly how much stove pipe it takes to reach through the roof of a geodesic dome, the answer is 22 feet!

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