Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Goat Yurt

I just realized that I never published the finished picture of the goat yurt, or as my husband calls it, the "Goatzebo".  No matter what you call it, it's an attractive barn and I can't wait until it's filled with baby goats next month!

On another note, the wood stove is working beautifully!  It burned out completely last night & we didn't have time to relight it before school & work this morning.  No matter, it remained a toasty 71 degrees all day.  We didn't relight it until 8pm this evening.  Granted, the temperatures didn't drop below freezing, but they were in the low 40's.  I've never been so excited to see my next electric bill! 

As I told the husband tonight, "Now if only we can find a way to have free air conditioning!"  Going without may not be an option for at least a portion of the summer--Oklahoma had the longest stretch of temperatures over 100 ever recorded this year.

I've ordered several wood stove cookbooks via interlibrary loan to start experimenting.  For now, it's great having the water for my tea kept at the perfect temperature.

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