Friday, November 25, 2011

Wood Stove Coming!

We are finally getting a wood burning stove! Our Okie winters have been brutal the past few years & it is not unusual for the layers of ice that cover everything during our infamous "ice storms" to knock out power for days. Last year, we stayed on the skoolie (which has propane heat) for the few days we were without heat. This year I'm looking forward to staying in the house during the storms as well as the local electric company getting less of my money! Wood is plentiful on our property & it feels good to finally independently provide our own heat. I'm also looking forward to lying in the firelight on cold nights.

While we were out of town, a man who works for my husband started the rock wall that will go behind the stove. Hubbie will finish it this weekend & the stove should be installed this week!

With all due respect to Buckminster Fuller, one serious drawback to living in a geodesic dome is the dilemma of where to put a wood stove. The stove pipe has to extend so far above the roof, it is difficult to put one along the parameter of the house. The center, where the ceiling is the highest, is really the only place that works. Unfortunately, it is the spot that requires the most stove pipe to vent! Added with the professional installation required to make the insurance company happy, this has been an expensive project; however, it will be one that will pay for itself in a few years.

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