Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hurt Feelings!

My friend Byron is runs a community empowering organization, , and often sends out a little inspirational newsletter. I found this one to be very timely as I deal with a minor case of hurt feelings.  I really like remembering that, although I may be hurting, there is someone else hurting worse and I can do my part to help them hurt less.  It's such a blessing to read the right thing exactly when you need to!

We are all wounded.  Every person has had something happen that has made us feel less than or hurt by others.  It's part of the human condition, being wounded.  It cannot be stopped. Even if someone in the world doesn't get to you, then some illness or disaster can strike at any moment.  Being wounded is obvious; what is miraculous is that sometimes our greatest leaders are the very people who have been wounded greatly.  They become wounded healers.  It's kind of like they say, "Okay, I hurt, but you hurt more, so I am going to help with your hurt."

As I become close to people, what I end up sharing most is not my successes, but my struggles.  In that sharing, I seem to free not only myself, but it has a benefit for others.  I hope that you are free to allow yourself to be a wounded human.  The more you can accept and share yourself in totality, the more it will free others.

Love, Byron

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